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Why have a nursing career in Santa Fe? Consider the unparalleled outdoor opportunities, brilliant weather and scenery, a vibrant arts scene, and plenty of history and culture. Add to that some excellent working opportunities and Santa Fe can be the perfect place for someone to begin or continue a nursing career.

Facilities like CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center offer a great work environment with a rewarding career, nice salaries, and more. This can be an excellent location to serve others in the medical field.

Nursing is in Demand in Santa Fe

There is a growing need for nurses around the country and that goes for New Mexico as well. A quick look at any online career site or at individual hospital listings and you’ll find plenty of need for RNs and other nurses across the specialty spectrum.

Recent reports indicate that there are more than 6,500 nursing positions available across the state. That’s an issue echoed across the country. Now may be just the perfect time to begin a nursing career in Santa Fe.

“New Mexico, like other states, is facing a nursing shortage,” the Albuquerque Journal recently reported. “And as the state continues to grow with an aging population, it’s more important than ever to raise up the next generation of nurses with new approaches by educational institutions to meet that demand for health care.”

CHRISTUS St. Vincent works to bring plenty to the table when it comes to bringing more nurses on board. This hospital offers nurses an average starting salary of $63,232 plus average benefits of $15,808. That can go even higher. Depending on experience and qualifications, nurses can earn much more.

Explore a nursing career at a facility like CHRISTUS St. Vincent.

Making a Difference with your nursing career

Beyond simply bringing home a paycheck, nursing in Santa Fe offers the chance to change lives firsthand by offering exceptional care.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent’s specialties include cancer; trauma; neurosurgery; orthopedics; women’s health; pediatrics; urology; wound care; heart and vascular; neurology; physical therapy and rehabilitation; ear, nose, and throat; geriatric and adult medicine and more.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent management works to make employees feel respected and appreciated, and those efforts have certainly been noticed.

“In addition to being voted one of New Mexico’s Best Places to Work for six years in row, CHRISTUS St. Vincent has been designated as a Family Friendly Business by Family Friendly New Mexico,” a company representative notes. “The hospital has also been recognized as one of New Mexico’s ‘Top Hospitals for Quality’ by the New Mexico Hospital Association.”

The awards don’t stop there. The facility also earned accolades as one of “America’s Best Hospitals for Maternity Care” by Money magazine. It might just be time to brush up that resumé and seek out a nursing career in Santa Fe.

Find out more about becoming a nurse at CHRISTUS St. Vincent here.

Read 5 useful tips for applying for a nursing job in New Mexico here.

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