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Lounges in Santa Fe: Secreto Lounge

While most lounges in Santa Fe place their main focus on food, here’s a lounge that ruffles up that notion and acts as a game changer. The Secreto Lounge in Santa Fe has placed its spotlight on serving up the best drinks and has risen in ranks to be amongst the top cocktail bars in town. With its main focus on dedicating itself towards serving the customers with the best drinks, Secreto Lounge offers a wide range of outstanding beverages.

Why choose Secreto Lounge?

Located in the Hotel St. Francis, this lounge helps the visitors relax. It builds an environment that promotes serenity and allows the customers to enjoy their wide range of drinks. Secreto Lounge has also been awarded on several occasions for their excellence and precision in mixology and creating some of the best cocktails in the city of Santa Fe. While travelling can cause quite a load of stress, being located in a hotel, this lounge acts as a safe haven for most travelers that really need to take a load off for the day. And it’s not only about the drinks! Secreto Lounge has an ambiance that dictates class as well as comfort through its design and setting.

Talk about the drinks!

The Secreto Lounge uses fresh ingredients including vegetables, herbs, and even fruits to create innovative drinks that bring your taste buds to life. Using unique techniques and hand crafted syrups and infusions, the lounge brings excellence through drinks that you have never tasted before. Chris Milligan, Secreto Lounge’s award winning mixologist prepares a range of different seasonal drinks that are guaranteed to provide every customer the rejuvenation that they’ve been looking for.

Secreto Lounge also has expert bartenders that are available to custom make the drinks according to the customer’s requirements. There’s really no better place to go to for beverages that are guaranteed to refresh the mind!

Most recommended?

While all their drinks are built to perfection, most customers recommend the refreshing taste of the Smoked Sage Margarita. Not only does it have exemplary taste, but the bartender smokes the sage leaves right in front of you. It really proves to be the definition of freshness where everything is made from scratch! It’s a definite must try, especially for new customers.

Talk about the food!

While the food may not be the main focus, it still is made up to perfection and allows the customers who don’t need more of drinks to enjoy a delicious meal as well. From seafood to burgers, Secreto Lounge really works its way up to offer perfection in every bite.

Starting from the ambiance, everything about the Secreto Lounge makes perfection a given deal from their drinks to their meals to even their location! It’s a definite go-to place especially for tourists and guests of the hotel.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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