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The countdown has already begun to the 99th Burning of Zozobra on September 1, 2023! As such, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe would like to thank the City of Santa Fe, the amazing volunteer team, and all of the community partners who collaborated so generously to make the 98th Burning of Zozobra such a huge success. Nobody benefits more from this generosity than our youth here in Santa Fe, and the Kiwanis Club has been leading the way, by keeping the flame lit in 1924 by artist Will Shuster burning, since 1964.

Anybody who has ever attended the burning of Old Man Gloom has a story to tell. How about you? Do you have a story to tell? Did you meet your future spouse at the event? Do you remember stories told by your grandparents, the first time they attended? Have you been involved with the event at any time in the past, as a “gloomie,” or a torchbearer, or even a performer? Maybe it’s just something your family has been doing for so many generations it’s become a family tradition. Every one of those memories is special, and we want to hear them.

As the story of Zozobra continues into the 99th and 100th year, Kiwanis of Santa Fe and Hutton Broadcasting have teamed up to produce a centennial documentary, to be premiered in 2024. An extension of the Decades Project, which has been celebrating Zozobra’s life and demise, era by era, since 2014, the documentary will combine a century’s worth of archived media to encapsulate those first 100 years. Obviously, the project wouldn’t be complete without the experiences of those who have made the burning of Old Man Gloom more than just a ritual, but a deeply personal community legacy.

To help tell this rich story, the Kiwanis Club is seeking those personal Zozobra stories from you, the people who continue to make this annual event so exceptional! We invite you to share your pictures, your videos, and your special memories with the Zozobra team to help us create a documentary that shows how and why the Zozobra tradition has become such a lasting legacy. By becoming involved, you proudly assert your role in the ever-evolving history of this community enterprise. Adding your voice, and the voices of your family, to the mix makes it that much richer and complete.

If this invitation lights a fire in your heart, we want to hear about it! You can be a part of this historic project by going to the website. Once there, you can share your Zozobra story, by sharing those historic pictures in your family album, or the videos you’ve made at Zozobra throughout the years. You can also tell why Zozobra is so important to you, and what it has meant to your family over the years.

Become part of the centennial documentary project! Just make sure you submit your email and phone number so you can be contacted about all things Zozobra. Help make this milestone event even more special, and never forget, Zozobra belongs to all of us!

This article was posted by David Salcido

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