Top 10 Then & Now -


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

America loves them. Everyone wants to read them, and everyone always wants to contribute to them. We’re talking Lists and Best Of Countdowns. If you spend some time at VH1, you will soon realize that this is their mantra. Top 10 this, Top Moments of that, The Best Of such and such. You know it’s hard to find a cooking show on the Food Network, what with all the Best Diners & Dives, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate, etc. The ESPN networks consistently dedicate broadcast time to an endless array of lists counting down everything from the Best Home Run Hitter to the Best Sports TV Commercial. Well Top 10 Now & Then is here to validate your tastes, and stir it up a lil bit too. You see, we believe the old adage is true. To Know Where You’re Going, You Have To Know Where You’ve Been. So allow us to present Top 10 Now & Then, the most unique countdown show on the radio today. Top 10 Now & Then takes you back in the day with music, memories, and a look back at all the things that make the Old School cool.