Take a Fun Train Ride on the Sky Railway Margarita Rail

In a nod to the Santa Fe Margarita Trail, Sky Railway presents the Margarita Rail Train. In this adventure there’s no walking or driving from one restaurant to another as you sample margaritas. Board the train, cash in your complimentary drink ticket, and enjoy the scenery while you sip margaritas and listen to live music from local Santa Fe musicians. 

The Margarita Rail Train Experience

As soon as you board the Sky Railway Margarita Rail Train at the Santa Fe Railyard, it’s clear that a fun experience awaits. Once you’re on the train, you can unwind and enjoy the dramatic views, indulge in refreshing margaritas, and enjoy live music. Don’t drink on an empty stomach though. Choose some tempting items from the Sky Railway snack menu and munch as you ride.

After you’ve finished your complimentary margarita, you might want to try some other margarita varieties, or select a different beverage from the Sky Railway menu. They offer beer, wine, mocktails, and soft drinks. 

Sky Railway trips feature live performances by Santa Fe musicians. This is an example of how Sky Railway helps promote local businesses and talent. Pleasant music and beautiful views make the Margarita Rail Train unforgettable. 


About Sky Railway

Started when a few notable Santa Feans decided to revive the defunct 141-year-old Santa Fe Southern railway, Sky Railway now rolls along the historic track from Santa Fe to Lamy, New Mexico, and returns passengers to Santa Fe following the Margarita Rail Train ride. 

Be sure to check out the fantastical paintings on the train by Santa Fe muralist Joerael Numina that pay homage to stories by George R. R. Martin, one of the founders of Sky Railway and the writer of popular books such as A Game of Thrones.

A Brief History of the Margarita

As you gaze out into the desert scenery, you might spot some agave plants. While this isn’t the type used in making tequila, the blue Weber agave is perfect for this spirit. The five agricultural regions where this agave is grown in Mexico are not all that far from the Santa Fe countryside. Maybe that’s why margaritas are so popular in New Mexico — they share a similar heritage with the countryside and pair with Mexican food like wine pairs with fine cheese.

Classic margaritas are a combination of sweet and sour flavors and typically are three parts tequila to one part citrus — lime or a lemon/lime mix works well — and one-to-two parts of an orange flavored liqueur like Triple Sec, Cointreau, or Grand Marnier. Various other flavors have become common so you might find strawberry or mango margaritas while you’re on the hunt for your favorite version of this classic cocktail. A server might ask if you want your margarita frozen or on the rocks. If you’re new to this drink, that’s a choice between a slushy-type beverage or one over ice.

Plan Your Next Significant Event

A ride on any of the Sky Railway adventures makes for a perfect birthday or anniversary celebration. You can even book a private car for any special occasion. Make your next big occasion unique and book a train ride instead of something ordinary.

The Margarita Rail Train is only one of many excursions to try on the Sky Railway. If you enjoy this train ride, you might also like the Wine Train or the Sunset Serenade. Check out the many offerings on the Sky Railway website.

Things to Know about the Margarita Rail Train

Passengers must be 21 years or older to ride the Margarita Rail Train. If you plan to enjoy the spectacular views from the open-air car, be sure to take a sweater or jacket.



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