Snow Trax Video 2 | Four easy exercises for ski season

Is your gear is ready for the ski season, but you’re feeling out of shape? You’ve come to the right place because in this episode of Snow Trax Video, snowsports expert Daniel Gibson shares four great exercises for skiers and snowboarders that can get you tearing down the slopes in no time! Watch this short video to learn how to perform these exercises correctly and get into ski condition:

  1. Squat/deep-knee bend
  2. Forward lunge with step
  3. Vertical hop with step
  4. Planks
This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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Snow Trax 15 | Snowmaking: An Art and Science
Snowmaking at Sipapu Ski Resort

This week we take a brief look at another key function of ski areas that largely goes unnoticed by skiers, but plays a huge role in how good or bad the experience on the slopes is. As with snow grooming, making manmade snow is an activity carried on largely at night and thus out of sight. None in New Mexico do it more, and better, than the crew at Taos Ski Valley, led by Tommy Murray, snow surfaces manager. Here’s a brief look at the process, plus details on current conditions.

Snow Trax 10 | Ghostly Ski Areas
Woman skiing at Angel Fire

| By Snowsports Journalist Daniel Gibson | Ghostly Ski Areas — Ski Rio | Ever wonder what becomes of ski areas that cease operations? New Mexico has a handful of so-called “ghost ski areas” and I recently stumbled across a fantastic short video about one of them, Ski Rio. Ski Rio was located in the Sangre de Cristos very close to the Colorado border, near the town of Amalia. It operated from 1982– 1990, and again from 1995–2000, and was … Read More

Snow Trax | Peter Blake: A True Son of New Mexico Skiing | Current Ski Conditions
Peter Blake

You might call Peter Blake a true son of New Mexico skiing. The youngest of three siblings, Peter grew up as wild as a wind-tossed columbine in the high alpine terrain of Taos Ski Valley. His famous parents, Ernie and Rhoda Blake, founded TSV in 1954 as Peter approached his fourth birthday, and like all those early ski pioneers, he pitched in, in many ways, to help it succeed. Recently sitting in his comfortable sun-filled kitchen/dining area, with commanding views across the sagebrush plains of Arroyo Seco to the Truchas Peaks to the south, Vallecitos Mountain to the east and Lobo Peak to the north, he talked about his life and times.

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