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Caring for kids is a critical mission for parents and selecting the right pediatrician can go a long way in keeping those young ones healthy and on track developmentally.

Southwest Care Center pediatrics, located at 901 W. Alameda St. in Santa Fe, can be a great option for parents seeking an excellent community clinic with familiar faces and well-trained physicians and staff. Keep reading to learn all about what Southwest Care has to offer and why it might be the perfect fit for your child.

Convenience and Care

Dr. King, a pediatrician at Southwest Care Clinic in Santa Fe.
Dr. King, a pediatrician at Southwest Care Clinic in Santa Fe.

Raising a child comes with plenty of ups and downs, and healthcare can be a regular part of that. The pediatricians and staff at Southwest Care Center pediatrics understand the need for some flexibility when it comes to caring for kids.

The facility is currently accepting new patients and has same-day appointments available. Parents also don’t have to worry about heading to another location for lab work and pharmacy visits. Both are located right on site.

Along with those, regular services include sports physicals, immunizations, child wellness checks, and newborn care. A bilingual Spanish-speaking pediatrician is also available to service patients and communicate with families.

Dr. Kirk, a pediatrician at Southwest Care Clinic in Santa Fe.
Dr. Kirk, a pediatrician at Southwest Care Clinic in Santa Fe.

Southwest Care CEO Michael Adams says, Dr. David King and Dr. Janet Kirk, along with their support staff, go out of their way to cater to patients and families. The office offers a walk-in, acute clinic each morning Monday through Friday until 9:30 a.m., and then offers scheduled appointments throughout the remainder of the day.

Adams says, “Southwest Care Center’s pediatric department is set apart because of experienced, board-certified physicians who have truly been a hidden gem within the Santa Fe community.”




Looking for the right pediatrician for your child?

South Care Center’s Santa Fe Pediatrics can be the perfect option!


Mother and happy baby with pediatrician listing to chest. Preventive care helps develop healthy children.

Putting pediatric Patients First

The award-winning pediatric facility takes a whole-person approach when it comes to the care of kids — focusing on a child’s overall physical and emotional well-being. As most parents know, every child’s medical needs are unique and Southwest Care’s personalized approach works at identifying any potential medical issues, communicating well with parents, and reaching a solution and treatment.

Adams is proud of what Southwest Care offers as a whole and the pediatrics center, pharmacy, and diabetes center are major parts of that.

Providing Care for the Entire Family

“The compassion our providers and staff have for this community is beyond doubt,” Adams says. “I am also proud of our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians’ adeptness to ensure that our patients receive the absolute best price, best customer experience, and most timely service, via our 340B Pharmacy, located on-site.”

“The Southwest Care Center Pharmacy truly stands out as a top-tier pharmacy, not just in Santa Fe, but in all of New Mexico,” Adams continued.

“Last, but certainly not least, I am proud of our Diabetes Education and Management Program’s certified diabetes providers and staff,” he said. “These folks have truly been life savers for thousands of New Mexicans, and I believe, are the best Santa Fe has to offer. These are just a few examples among many of the exceptional commitments we have had to ensure a healthier New Mexico.”

Parents who may need some economic help will find an accommodating company at Southwest Care Center. The pediatrics center offers a sliding fee discount for underinsured and uninsured families. Those who qualify will pay a nominal fee and the facility sees patients regardless of ability to pay.

All pediatric care is provided at the Alameda location and the industry has taken notice of the good things happening at the clinic. 

“Specific to Southwest Care Center’s Alameda Clinic, I am proud of our achievement in becoming recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home via the National Committee for Quality Assurance,” Adams says. “What this means is that the quality of care provided by our doctors, nurse practitioners, and all our staff, is consistently of the highest caliber and helps us all live our mission of creating a healthier community.”

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