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Compassion, care, and convenience — these three factors define the essence of the healthcare services provided by the two Southwest Care Centers located in Santa Fe. Both the Alameda Clinic, located at 901 W Alameda St., and the Harkle Clinic, at 649 Harkle Rd., offer the same broad range of services in Santa Fe that Southwest Care is known for throughout Northern and Central New Mexico.

Southwest Care Alameda Clinic location
Alameda Clinic located at 901 W Alameda Street

Ranging from basic medical attention to more complex procedures, both Southwest Care Santa Fe locations deliver cost-effective, high-quality, and unbiased medical care. Established in 1996, Southwest Care has been expanding its reach and dedication to the residents of North and Central New Mexico. The clinic’s administration is proud of its active involvement in community service, aiming to constantly improve services.

“Southwest Care Center is constantly seeking to not only be a remarkable healthcare facility by striving to become a provider of choice for patients and employer of choice for employees but also desires to constantly learn from the community what their healthcare needs are, so we can best serve them,” CEO Michael Adams says. “We welcome community feedback and utilize this information to serve the community better.”

Service and Care — Primary Aims at Southwest Care Centers

Team members at Southwest take great pride in delivering top-notch healthcare to every individual in the community. The team at the facility comprises a diverse group of healthcare providers, including primary care physicians, pediatricians, behavioral health specialists, case managers, and pharmacists, all collaborating to offer integrated, customized medical care.

Read about primary care at Southwest Care Center’s Santa Fe Clinics here.

Harkle Clinic PharmacyOriginally established to cater predominantly to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, Southwest Care has expanded its scope to include a comprehensive array of healthcare solutions and services including women’s health, geriatrics, infectious disease, psychiatry, diabetes management, and more.

Southwest Care consistently provides advanced services for HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as gender-equity medical care. A commitment to community service remains a key priority, and the facility’s team, as part of this community, enhances their ability to serve effectively.

“Aside from our international reputation for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, I would say that Southwest Care Center stands out in the healthcare community because of our providers and staff,” he says. “Our employees work and live in the communities we serve. We are your neighbors. We eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores, and our children attend the same schools.”

“These commonalities are what we establish strong, long-term relationships upon, which leads to greater connection, and ultimately, increased trust, respect, and improved health. We are here to ensure that everyone in our communities, regardless of ability to pay, has timely access to the highest quality, affordable health care, in a judgment-free environment.”

Affordability and Outreach

Addressing the community’s requirements involves personalized and empathetic approaches. At the Santa Fe clinics, patients have access to same-day appointments, and the clinics continuously welcome new patients.

An on-site pharmacy is available, simplifying the process of prescription refills. Southwest Care aims to cater to the local population’s healthcare needs and accepts most New Mexico insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

However, individuals without insurance need not consider Southwest Care’s Santa Fe clinics inaccessible. The center provides a sliding fee discount for those underinsured or uninsured, where eligible families pay only a minimal fee for their visit. Southwest’s medical professionals and staff attend to patients regardless of their financial status.

Quality Healthcare and Respect

What can you expect when you visit a Southwest Care Center?

“Patients can expect to be treated respectfully by staff who care about their well-being from a holistic perspective,” Adams says. “At Southwest Care Center, our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience, whether on the phone, in person, or via telehealth offerings. Patients can also expect to be involved in the decision-making of their treatment plans and goals. Our providers are healthcare experts who want to develop a treatment plan with each patient, leading to improved health.”

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