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Spring break is upon us, a perfect time to set out with family and experience art and culture, enjoy an outdoor adventure and explore a great city. Santa Fe makes an ideal destination for a spring vacation or staycation, as it appeals to every age.

The City Different is brimming with museums and galleries, boutiques and cafes. You can spend hours exploring a uniquely exciting downtown on foot, or wandering mountain trails with breathtaking views. Ride a mountain bike into the country, or a horse into the sunset. Ski some of the best powder in the Southwest, then soak in natural spring-fed waters at an award-winning spa. Stimulate your mind, and your appetite, with an inspiring class at a celebrated cooking school. The sky really is the limit when it comes to things to do in Santa Fe during springtime. To get started planning your spring break, check out our spring break mini-guide below.

Ski Santa Fe‘s is enjoying another great ski season with an 84-inch base and_ inches of fresh snowfall just in the last seven days, all 83 trails are open (at the time of this writing). If you’re a skier or snowboarder, get yourself up the mountain for some awesome spring skiing in our famous powder.  Located only 16 miles from downtown, Ski Santa Fe is one of the premier ski destinations in the Southwest. The view from the top is unrivaled. Heck, even the winding drive up the mountain offers stupendous views and a fantastic lookout point.

What better way to end a ski day than with a soak in a hot tub beneath the Santa Fe sky? If you head to Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, you’ll find that it’s not just an outdoor hot tub that beckons. The award-winning resort offers an
entire open-air soaking experience that includes a private outdoor pool and mineral-infused soaking tub. Ease your aches and pains from a day on the slopes in the resort’s spring-fed waters but if you require a little more therapy, book a custom massage. You’ll leave feeling as good as new.

Spring is a great time to learn something new, be it a language, a skill or an art. At the Santa Fe School of Cooking, you can accomplish all three, especially if you take one of their wildly popular New Mexican or Mexican cooking classes, where many of the ingredients and recipes have Spanish names. These classes, offered just about every month, are devoted to some of Santa Fe’s favorite foods—tamales, rellenos, red chile and green.

Take part in a time-honored tradition at the Santa Fe School of Cooking with Bonus III-Foods of the Southwest. Bonus Classes, which cost less than regular classes, have been on the menu since the cooking school opened in 1989. They offer a chance to sample recipes and menus that could end up in the school’s repertoire. Not only will you get a chance to watch a chef create some delicious food, you’ll also get to taste it and provide feedback. It’s a bit like “Iron Chef” without the stress, and it’s probably way more fun, because guests return year after year. Bonus III-Techniques of Healthy Southwest Cuisine will showcase: Tequila Marinated Shrimp Tostadas with Avocado-Serrano Salsa, De-constructed Grilled Gazpacho Veggie Salad with Charred Tomatoes, Red Onion, Bell Pepper and Pickled Cucumber on a Bed of Spinach, Pork Loin Chops with Apple and Green Chile Salsa, Poblano Chile Stuffed with Wild Rice and Veggie Pilaf and Banana and Chocolate Layered Parfait, it takes place March 10th.

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