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Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Immerse yourself in Santa Fe’s famous International Folk Art Market, the world’s largest exhibition and sale of works by master…
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Hide painting by Ramon Jose Lopez at Traditional Spanish Market

Traditional Spanish Market

One of the highlights of the Santa Fe summer months is the Traditional Spanish Market, presented by the Spanish Colonial…
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Santa Fe Renaissance Faire

Every year in September the museum grounds at El Rancho de las Golondrinas are transformed into the Kingdom of Golondrinas,…
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Road Trip | Relive The Last Escape of Billy the Kid!

Lincoln Historic Site will once again come alive with the return of Old Lincoln Days and The Last Escape of…
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Fajada Butte in New Mexico

Midsummer Traditions: Celebrating the Longest Day of the year

Rituals celebrating the beginning and end of the seasons are as old as mankind. Among them is the age-old observance…
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easter hot cross buns

A Short History of Easter Eats Around the World

The return of spring brings annual rites and traditions, including the celebration of Easter this coming Sunday. Officially a religious…
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bolo ties

The Early Days of Bolo Ties

Such is the story of the earliest bolo (or bola) ties, which starts around 1947. These early pieces are silver isosceles, trapezoid or…
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Jerry Garcia Waving

Why Does Rolling Stone Love Baron Wolman So Much?

Oct 6, 2020 - This week we learned that legendary photographer and Santa Fe resident Baron Wolman was in the…
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Jimi Hendrix by BAron Wolman

Summer of Love Memories

The Summer of Love gave birth to me.  And I don’t mean just figuratively.  I was born in July of…
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frito pie window at Woolworths Santa Fe New Mexico

About Santa Fe, NM | Answering Your 20 Most Common Questions

1. What does "Santa Fe" mean? “Santa Fe” means “Holy Faith.” Bird's eye view of Santa Fe, looking southeast, 1882.…
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Books From the Land of Enchantment

New Mexico has long inspired storytellers. From the early native people who passed down stories to their descendants to tellers…
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New Mexico Caves | A Reminiscence

"Excavating for a Mine, Lived a Miner, Forty-niner… and his daughter , Clementine…. drove she ducklings to the water, every…
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