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Moving fragile items from one place to the other always causes stress, and it can increases tenfold when the fragile item to be shipped is a gift. No one wants to send or receive a broken gift item, therefore many people tend to steer away from the idea.

However, with proper packing techniques and expert shipping services (that’s us!), you can safely send a fragile gift to any destination without worry. That being said, there are several dos and don’t’s that you should keep in your mind when shipping fragile items.

Choose the Perfect-Sized Box

For any fragile or brittle item, it is important to pick the right size box for your shipment. The box should be well-fitted so that the objects can’t shift or hit each other during transit. It is also important that the items not be touching each other, and the box should provide enough space between each item to place some sort of cushioning material.

Position The Items Properly

Another important aspect of packing fragile items is their position within the box. For instance, glassware with wide openings should be placed upside down, while any brittle object should be thoroughly wrapped and laid flat in the box to avoid breakage. Items placed in random positions are more likely to be damaged during shipment.

Cushioning is Important

When packing fragile gift items, make sure you are using proper cushioning to offset any stress or shock they may endure during their journey to the recipient’s address. There are several cushioning elements that you can choose from to best suit your particular items needs.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam peanuts
  • Styrofoam fillers
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Cloth
  • Sleeves

Shipping Insurance

Consider shipping insurance for fragile gifts you are sending. If the item has a worth greater than $100 most shipping companies will automatically add on coverage, however, you can purchase shipping insurance on an item of any value.

Outsource the Packing and Shipment of Fragile Gifts

If you are overwhelmed by the details of packing and shipment of fragile items, then don’t be afraid to get professional help. Pak Mail Santa Fe can help ease the stress of shipping your fragile gift by doing the packing for you. Just bring in the fragile item you want to ship and they will take care of the rest.

Pak Mail Santa Fe employs a double boxing method when pack fragile items to offsets any shocks, vibrations, and mishandling the parcel may endure in route to its destination. If you need to ship any fragile gift made of glass, china, or crystal, get in touch with your local Pak Mail store and have the job done right.

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