The Chuck Jones Gallery at Santa Fe -

The Chuck Jones Gallery at Santa Fe

What is art? It’s a baffling question, especially today, where it seems anything can get passed off as art if enough meaning and context is assigned to it. Even if its invisible.

When an artist breathes their soul onto the canvas, and channels their inner being to each stroke of the paint brush, the result is an experience that is worthy of being called art. It is more than just a mish-mash of colors and drawings onto a piece of board. Rather, it conveys a story; it instills passion,  and if you’re feeling down, it imbues motivation.

All artists at the Chuck Jones Gallery at Santa Fe have bet nothing but their best onto their paintings, meticulously bringing their imagination to life, and ensuring that what you see before your eyes thrusts you onto an emotional roller coaster ride. It is no wonder why decorating these paintings on your wall subtly complement your room, from your furniture to your bed’s linens.

A little bit about the paintings

Each of these paintings are based on a story from the Looney Tunes show, capturing the essence of the animated 60s  series with absolute accuracy. It is up to the viewer to interpret what story each paint is trying to convey. One such story is about Bugs Bunny hiding behind a pillar, sending off an adios wave to Porky Pig with a signature smile plastered on his face. One can only assume that Bugs Bunny is up to more of his nefarious designs behind the screen, perhaps a violent collision with a piano from the top of the building awaits.

Of course, this was our interpretation based on one glimpse of a digital snapshot. A myriad of other such journeys awaits once the actual painting reaches our doorstep. 

But why Looney Tunes show?

The entire website is a tribute to the prolific career of renowned artist Chuck Jones, whose career spanned over 60 years, pioneering in the world of cartoon animation, bringing to life the story behind the Looney Tunes show. He was a three time Oscar winner who helped make more than 300 animated films. Although the bulk of his career was dedicated to this niche market, towards the more former part of his life he diverted his attention to fine art drawing.

His talents were brought to shine there too, featuring in various museums and art galleries around the world, including at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

One of Chuck Jones’ most inspirational sayings for any aspiring artist is, “Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them, and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.”

A quick look around the shop

Situated at Santa Fe in the heart of New Mexico, a breeze walk into the gallery results in a burst of memorabilia, a teary nostalgic trip down the memory lane, reminiscent of a time spent glued to the TV screen watching Looney Tunes. Of course, the gallery itself is a work of art, decorated with all their finest  work to fetch their guest’s attention for the longest periods of time. Even if you haven’t decided on making a purchase at the Chuck Jones gallery, touring the place itself is a rewarding experience.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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