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He lands tonight, on his ship of ghosts, under the scudding skies. His high, thin voice – ecstasy and ruin! Dracul, Dracula: the Lord of Cries! Deny him not his place.

The Santa Fe Opera’s 17th world premiere, The Lord of Cries by composer John Corigliano and librettist Mark Adamo, is an exciting new work based on the intersection of two classics of Western literature, The Bacchae by Euripides and Dracula by Bram Stoker. Separated by 24 centuries, The Bacchae and Dracula tell virtually the same timeless story, with the same subversive message: We must honor our animal nature lest it turn monstrous and destroy us. The Lord of Cries begins with a strange, androgynous god returning to earth to offer a mortal three chances to “ask for what you want” or risk the consequences. He materializes in Victorian England in the guise of the eponymous “Lord of Cries,” none other than the irresistible antihero of Dracula. Santa Fe Opera

Corigliano creates powerfully contrasting sound worlds to contrast the tidy world of the Victorians with the savage grandeur of the immortals, forging musical drama from the tension and the gravitational pull between the two worlds. The Lord of Cries is the second opera by John Corigliano, following his acclaimed The Ghosts of Versailles (1991). Corigliano’s one-hundred-plus compositions have won him the Pulitzer Prize, four Grammy Awards and an Oscar. His pieces have been performed and recorded by many of the world’s greatest soloists, conductors and orchestras.

Librettist Mark Adamo, an accomplished composer in his own right, has authored the libretti for his four full-length operas, Little Women (1998), Lysistrata (2005), The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (2013) and Becoming Santa Claus (2015). The Lord of Cries marks the first operatic collaboration between Corigliano and Adamo, longtime partners in life.

The Lord of Cries receives its world premiere on July 17, 2021 and runs for six performances.

For the 2021 Season, in addition to in-theater performances, the Santa Fe Opera is thrilled to present nightly simulcasts of every opera. Each evening’s performance of The Lord of Cries will be simulcast onto two state-of-the-art LED video walls in our lower parking lots. There you will find sweeping views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the opera playing on your own car radio!

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