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The TeaHouse

The Teahouse is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Canyon Road and offers teas from a variety of different places that include China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and of course Santa Fe, where they create their own flavored teas. It is open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. In addition to being a restaurant, it is also a specialty tea store and wholesaler offering an amazing collection of over 150 teas from around the world. The Tea House also has an outdoor garden patio and offers free Wi-Fi.

The drinks menu

The Teahouse offers a drink menu as well as a food menu. So unlike what the name implies, the place is not limited to serving just tea. The drink menu features categories that include espresso, coffee, and cocoa as well as other hot drinks. Other drinks include: matcha, chai, ice cream drinks, tea lattes, flowering teas, teahouse select,  white tea, Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea, flavored green tea, oolong, black tea, pu erh, flavored black tea, mate, rooibos, caffeine free infusions, and ayurvedic/wellness teas.

The list seems to be a never-ending one and provides numerous varieties to choose from. Like you can order something as simple as house coffee, or something with a catchy name like bulletproof chai which is Assam tea, their home-made Masala spice blend, served with butter, and hot water. Other drinks in the chai category include teahouse chai, rooibos chai, Bombay fog, turmeric chai latte, matcha chai, spicy! chocolate chai, and something called a dirty chai latte.

Additionally, there are various types of cappuccinos: flat white, latte, lavender honey latte, vanilla honey latte, mocha, Mexican mocha, spicy Santa Fe mocha which consists of two shots of espresso, dark chocolate, Chimayo red chile, cinnamon, vanilla, and milk, included in the menu. Others include hot chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, etc.

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