Ghost Ranch

A glowing world between the macro and the micro – Ansel Adams

Ghost Ranch

1708 US-84, Abiquiu NM 87510


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Ghost Ranch - Education and Retreat Center New Mexico

On the way from Abiquiu to Ghost Ranch there is a phenomenal visual change in the vistas and topography. Upon coming to the Colorado Plateau the landscape turns a spectacular red and the land elevations change from mostly flat to the mountainous hills all around. The change in the area comes together with change in thinking too. The area is old a time itself and it is the part of the U.S. that inspired famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe and photographer Ansel Adams whom coined  it the “glowing world” when describing how he felt here.

Ghost Ranch is a place where the focus is deriving the biggest positive benefit from the mystical emotions the area infuses. It is a retreat and educational center devoted to innovative thinking and positive divination well-being. It is the best approach to enjoying the world of the gorges, ravines and valleys of the Piedra Lumbre (“Shining Rock”). Ghost Ranch offers 300 plus unique workshops, a wide selection of walking tours and paths, 2 wonderful museums and a center with a full library, massage, Zen garden to name just a few things. Ghost Ranch is distinctive place to come to for a variety of reasons including meditation and thinking, fun and learning. 

The best way to experience Ghost Ranch and what it offers is it to do a workshop or two. The workshops are as short as two days and as long as three weeks. One will find workshops for just about any interest including outdoor sports, musical interests, yoga and art. There are literally hundreds of workshops to pick from in the Ghost Ranch catalogue.

Signing up for a workshop to enjoy the ranch and all it offers is not required. You are invited to come out for a relaxing respite and take part in any of the various goings-on on a given day as you see fit. There are numerous paths, trails and tours available to choose from that will give you the chance to go back in time and be part of the area’s vistas, hills and valleys, all the while enjoying the moment getting away from it all. Go on a hike or trail ride via horseback along the path of ancient spirits and dinosaurs from millions of years ago. Follow the path of famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe and find the actual places from her iconic paintings. For movie lovers there’s the Movie Site Tour which features visits to the on-site locations of films made here like ‘No Country for Old Men and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are tons and tons of activities to take part in making Ghost Ranch one of the coolest places to visit in New Mexico.

Stay the night here, choosing either to camp or the accommodations offered at Ghost Ranch, which are very nice and include amazing food in the Dining Hall. Know this, the guest rooms do not have telephones, televisions, internet or alarm clocks, giving guests much needed respite from never ending information one gets each day. The entire experience created by Ghost Ranch is in place to give guests a block of time to be quiet, think and recharge.

Come to Ghost Ranch today or make your reservation for an upcoming holiday. You’ll be so glad you did and you’ll thank yourself we’re sure.