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Cheryl is among the nation’s most lauded writers, with four James Beard book awards and numerous other honors to her credit. With her late husband Bill, she’s penned enough books on food and travel to endow a small library, all the while living out nearly everyone’s dreams about traveling the globe in search of great meals and adventure. Their dozen plus books on food cover broadly the subjects of outdoor cooking and American home cooking, and are noted for their depth of research and cultural background. Cheryl and Bill’s classic Smoke & Spice, on real American barbecue, has sold over a million copies.

Nothing thrills Cheryl more though than

Dirk Gray

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As a CMPS (certified mortgage planning professional) I work with other financial professionals such CPA’s, financial planners, estate planning, divorce attorneys, and other key market real estate advisors to evaluate your mortgage based on your overall financial objectives. Your home is likely your largest asset, and your mortgage is likely your largest debt. Careful consideration should be given to the choice you make. Tune to Dirk Gray’s one hour broadcast on the “The Home Owner’s Financial Hour” (THOFH) radio show, each Sunday at 2pm Mountain Time.

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