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The Verve Gallery of Contemporary photography is* one of the few photography galleries in Santa Fe that have a number of respected “photography artists” that it represents. You can find it just a couple of blocks away from the main Plaza. The gallery has a very authentic feel as it is located in an old but scenic 20th century cottage.

The cottage has been renovated extensively, but has managed to preserve its authenticity. This is done keeping in mind that it is one of the finest contemporary fine art photography galleries in Santa Fe, NM.

The gallery’s large main hall has pieces from only the most recent exhibitions while the Verve artists’ select photographic art is displayed in a smaller hall.

Artists from the world over

The Verve is famous and was established back in 2003, and is known to have some of the world’s leading pieces when it comes to contemporary fine art photographs. Artists and patrons of the Verve gallery hail from a different part of the world including Japan, Peru, Croatia, France, Poland and our very own Santa Fe, NM.

The artists put their heart and soul into their work, which ranges from still life, experimental, landscape and figure studies to documentary and photomontage, mixed media and even alternative process photography.

Two of the Note Worthy Artists

Van Chu: A Vietnamese artist who came to the US in 2001 and got his MFA degree in Digital Imaging/Photography from University of Utah in 2010. He has been critically acclaimed and has received first place awards of the highest honors, including the Felice Frankel from Harvard University.

Jeff Charbonneau and Eliza French: This powerful photography duo has been working together since 2004 since a mutual interest in photography bought them together. Eliza has a degree in Art History from UCLA and has an experience in the art and entertainment industries while Jeff has a UCLA degree in music, photography and anthropology, as well as 20 years of experience in the motion picture and television industry.

The Idea behind the gallery

The Verve Gallery is one of the few contemporary photography galleries in Santa Fe, NM that allows its patrons to go through 4000+ strong exhibits on a large in-house LCD monitor.

This unique and innovative style of exhibition that leverages technology puts artists and patrons at a huge advantage. The patrons, for example, can go through entire artist portfolios to find something that piques their interest. For the artists, the use of this technology allows them to submit only a few of their most exquisite pieces to the gallery instead of a large portfolio of their work.

The internet also aids patrons in their quest for the best of contemporary photography pieces from their favorite artists. They can view the portfolio of different artists effortlessly from their own personal computers.

The Verve Contemporary Photography Gallery’s database allows the portfolio of artists to be stored automatically and only display those pieces that are most pertinent to its patrons. This means that the management at the Verve Contemporary Photography Gallery is one of the few photography galleries in Santa Fe, NM that utilize their exhibition space in a very efficient manner.

Come visit the Verve Contemporary Photography Gallery to be captivated by the fine works of artists from the world over, the next time you visit Santa Fe, NM.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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