Glenn Green Galleries -

Glenn Green Galleries + Sculpture Garden is an art destination five miles north of Santa Fe’s Plaza in the historic Village of Tesuque. Founded in 1966 in Arizona as The Gallery Wall, Inc. this gallery presents luminaries of the art world such as Allan Houser (Haozous) whom they represented from 1973 until his passing in 1994. Glenn and Sandy Green, owners of the gallery acted as agents and gallerists for Allan Houser arranging international exhibitions and co- sponsoring the majority of his bronze editions.

Their first gallery in Santa Fe opened in 1979. Now Glenn, Sandy and their daughter Kerry welcome art collectors to their gallery and five-acre sculpture garden in Tesuque. Major sculpture, important paintings, prints, fine craft and jewelry are always presented with special exhibits throughout the year. The international group of artists they present are collected by individuals, institutions, and museums worldwide.

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