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High Desert Angler offers trips to the best fishing holes in Northern New Mexico, including fly fishing trips on the Pecos River, San Juan River, Chama River and more.

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6 Places to Hike Near Santa Fe
overlook of the snowy mountains at White Rock Overlook

Santa Fe is surrounded by beautiful places to experience New Mexico’s wilderness and some of those spots offer an array of trails for hikers. The following locations provide visitors dynamic and interesting hikes that vary in distance and difficulty. Sandia Mountains Another widely popular destination for hikers are the Sandia Mountains located in the Cibola National Forest about 60 miles south of Santa Fe. The Sandia Mountain Wilderness was designated by Congress in 1978. Since then, Cibola National Forest has … Read More

The 11 Best Santa Fe Mountain Biking Trails
mountain biker in santa fe national forest

Santa Fe mountain biking trails are some of the best in the country. It’s a bold claim when there are so many good trails around, but we did earn a Silver level designation from the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) in 2014. And our riding has gotten even better since then. Santa Fe mountain biking ranges from big burly rides that require big burly bikes, to more gentle cruises on flat trails, and everything in between. Nothing is super easy … Read More

Heading For Truchas Lakes
truchas peaks

This article originally appeared in 2009 Heading For Truchas Lakes This ledge was narrow, dark and steep….hhmmm wonder what poem that snippet comes from. It does seem to fit the situation. I’m standing on what I think is probably the northern edge of the Truchas Peaks ridge. I headed up a tiny saddle south of North Truchas Peak. Middle and North Truchas Peaks are starring right at me, I’ll need to cross over and down to Truchas Lakes before I’ll … Read More