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Inspired Living Design is dedicated to bringing indigenous artisans and diversity to the City Different. ILD embraces creative energies, collaboration, community, and the art of service in honoring indigenous influences placed within a modern environment. Our designs culminate in an expression of the home as sanctuary.

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Meyer Gallery and Interior Designers Make a Creative Team
Interior designers work with Meyer Gallery to create spaces like this view of the gallery interior.

It is increasingly common for art galleries, such as the Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, to work not only with artists but with interior designers to envision something distinctive for their clients. Original art truly defines and sets apart a space. Having a unique piece of art not only makes for an interesting topic of conversation but also contributes a layer of texture and character to the overall space. Representing more than 70 artists, the Meyer Gallery promotes an abundance … Read More

Nine Unique Shops in Enchanted Santa Fe
Real Deal Collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the City Different in the Land of Enchantment, so it’s right to assume shopping here will be unique and different, too! Residents and visitors both will immediately see that our fashion ethos has a creative, eclectic, and slightly funky feel to it. Here are nine boutiques, resale shops, and alternative shopping options that are worth visiting to get the full Santa Fe vibe!

Haciendas: A Parade of Homes

Are you ready for some inspiration for the next step in your home design adventure? The 31st Annual Haciendas: A Parade of Homes may be just the ticket! Especially if you’re looking for floor layouts, kitchen and bathroom designs, cabinetry, bedroom space, the latest gadgets – all the things that give people ideas to enhance improve their own domicile. And for those looking to purchase a new home this year, there’s something here for you, too! Haciendas: A Parade of … Read More