My Name is Ward Armstrong and I Travel Through Time by Vvini Gagnepain

- May 31, 2011

Vincent James Gagnepain, known as "Vvinni", was born in St. Louis on October 10, 1988. He moved to Fort Collins, Colorado when he was three years old and spent the next fifteen years there. Growing up in Suburban Colorado meant that Vvinni was exposed to a great deal of theatre, and throughout high school it was clearly more viable to go into theatre than film. However, when Vvinni was in Sixth Grade his family bought a Hi-8 video camcorder, and thus began his filmmaking career. 

Over the next six years Vvinni made numerous films with friends, mostly unscripted and filmed entirely in basements. It wasn't until his sophomore year of High School that he took the massive step into the realm of editing.

When looking for colleges his senior year, Vvinni's eyes fell upon the College of Santa Fe which had "Film" prominently featured next to its name at the out-of-state college fair. He spoke with the representatives from Admissions and visited the campus and continued to show great interest, both because of the location of the school but also because of its academic philosophy: The students came first. He was looking at the film department at Montana State University when he received the call that he'd have enough financial aid to attend CSF. Vvinni made his choice right then and there.

Over the past four years Vvinni has grown tremendously as a filmmaker, and has made plenty of films both in and out of class, including the featured My Name is Ward Armstrong and I Travel Through Time, a popular animation called Disfigurement Man: The Fear Wake, and his senior thesis film Delicious Pound Cake.