New Mexico History | The People's House -

The New Mexico Governor’s Mansion Foundation is releasing a new short film narrated by award-winning author Hampton Sides that tells the story of New Mexico’s historic Governor’s Mansion. With tours of the home cancelled due to COVID-19, the film provides a rare opportunity to see parts of the building and grounds that are seldom on display. Check out this short trailer and find the full-length video HERE.

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New Mexico Road Trip | Ghost Towns

Throughout the 19th century, mining was a major industry in New Mexico, for silver, gold, lead, and other ores. There were mining towns all across the state. The ore seemed endless, the profits sure. But change is always just over the horizon. The latest change facing ghost towns is COVID-19, but you should be safe as long as you wear your mask and follow social-distancing recommendations. Rarely do many people visit these sites at any one time, and mostly you’ll … Read More

Hunting for Alfred Morang
alfred morang painting

I had been thinking about this mission for a long time and I finally find myself in the Santa Fe library seated in front of this antique microfilm viewer the size of a small refrigerator and I have loaded the reel containing the early 1958 issues of the Santa Fe New Mexican. I was not sure why I had this unremitting need to know more about Alfred Morang. I had first seen his work painted on the adobe walls across … Read More

New Mexico’s Pueblos | Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument
gran quivira room at salinas pueblos national monument

Just two hours from Santa Fe is one of New Mexico’s historical treasures, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. New Mexico’s history chronicles the lives of people who have lived here for thousands of years. A case in point is the ruins of Las Humanas (Gran Quivira), Quarai, and Abó pueblos, along with their Spanish mission churches. They lie near the geographic center of New Mexico and comprise the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument with headquarters in Mountainair. Quarai is eight … Read More