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Art Forum: Chimayo Chicken in the Kitchen

THE Magazine asked a clinical psychologist and two people who love art for their take on a painting by Michael Scott entitle Chimayo Chicken in the Kitchen, from the Farny Fables exhibition. They were shown only the image and were given no other information. This piece symbolizes the commercialism and exploitation of Native American people. We see a Plains Indian in full regalia. He stands proud but looks sad while holding a rifle: The weapon, introduced by whites, would permanently change how he hunted for food. It would … Read More

LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 Documentary

The subject of Brannum’s documentary is the captivating and hugely inspirational LaDonna Harris, a Comanche activist and national stateswoman. She is a natural politician in the best sense of the word—a woman transformed by her circumstances and innate abilities into a highly effective public servant. Acoma Pueblo member Brian D. Vallo, currently a director at the School for Advanced Research, introduced Harris as a “visionary leader” who has “dedicated the majority of her life to engaging individuals, tribes, and especially the federal government, using indigenous methodology,” to increase public awareness of … Read More

Santa Fe Art Galleries | The Meyer Galleries
Meyer East Gallery Santa Fe New Mexico

Established in 1967, the Meyer Galleries boasts over decades of excellence in fine art drawing, borrowing in experience from a broad range of artists with different interests. This means that the moment art enthusiasts step in, they are initially faced with an overwhelming number of choices… You will be left scratching your head on whether to choose from the precision oil painting of Suchitra Bhosle or the unique cartoonish blend of cars and thoughtful background employed by Robert Da Luke. … Read More