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Guests of the Santa Fe School of Cooking can enjoy hands-on classes, restaurant tours, and so much more.

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Make Your Own Delicious Ice Pops
Three homemade ice pops

It’s been a summer of 100-degree days. All you want to eat is something cold, sweet, and simple to prepare. Ice pops, which balance fruit, fruit juices, and herbs from the garden, are a great chiller — and when you make your own, you control the amount of sugar. Some extra hydration is just an added bonus. Plus, ice pops are quick and easy to make. It takes longer to assemble the ingredients than to mix them up and pop … Read More

Heating It Up | Dave’s Jazz Bistro at Santa Fe School of Cooking
Carmen Bradford on stage at Dave's Jazz Bistro.

With its array of classes and events, the Santa Fe School of Cooking is one of the city’s tastiest locales. Evenings there just became even more delicious, and fun! On select nights, the school transforms into a sleek jazz supper club. Let’s find out about it. THE BACK STORY I still remember the day — three-plus decades ago — when Susan Curtis met me for lunch and announced that she was changing careers. With her girls mostly grown, the then-real … Read More

Lucky Dishes to Prepare for Chinese New Year
Vegetable Spring Rolls

Tuesday is Chinese New Year and food plays an important role, not only for its intense and unique flavors but also for being hugely symbolic, with many dishes believed to be “lucky.” has provided us with some delicious recipes for you to try at home. Salt and Pepper Tofu If you’re looking for a vegan option that is full of classic Chinese flavor, then you have to try this salt and pepper tofu recipe. It’s quick and easy to … Read More