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Learn how to detect water leaks at your home so you can both conserve this precious resource and reduce your water bill. EyeOnWater, a smartphone app, can help! Learn more about how the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Department can help you conserve water.

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New Mexico’s Water Conservation Future
Water conservation image of water drop on leaf.

It’s no secret that sustainable access to water in New Mexico is crucial to our future. With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggesting that 50 percent of water loss comes from outdoor water use, cities throughout the state are advocating innovative education for residents to consider new approaches to water conservation. Let’s see what communities around the state are doing to conserve water. Santa Fe Water Conservation “What makes Santa Fe unique is that we have developed a structure that … Read More

How Powerful is EyeOnWater?
EyeOnWater- Account Set up

What is EyeOnWater? EyeOnWater is a smartphone app available for Santa Fe water customers that lets you track your water usage and discover problems on your property. While the app is designed for smartphones, you can also use your computer to log in to the EyeOnWater website and view your water usage on your account dashboard. How do you sign up? To sign up and get an EyeOnWater login, go to and follow the prompts. You’ll need your account … Read More

How to save water at home and save money in the process!
Save water with water conservation steps

Save water, Fix leaks! Leaking faucets, toilets, and outdoor irrigation systems contribute to water waste and cost you money. Even a tiny leak can waste thousands of gallons of water every month. By addressing easy-to-fix leaks around your home, you can save more than 10 percent of your water bill. A great way to catch leaks before they become an expensive problem is to install the EyeOnWater app. To use your water meter to check for leaks, start by turning … Read More