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We are a locally owned and operated Title Company that has been serving Northern New Mexico for over 25 years.  That means we’ve been around long enough to go from paper & floppy disks to e-signing & secure online servers, so yeah, we’ve seen a lot of real estate transactions in our day.

New Mexico is a unique state, with unique land and title issues. As a local company, we understand these issues better than any other title agency.  We work with national underwriters so that we can offer you all the products of a big-name insurance company, while still providing local knowledge, a strong connection to the local economy, and the chance to argue about which restaurant has the best chile.TITLE

Title Insurance (which protects your claim to property ownership) is often required in order to secure financing. We are happy to provide this product. Our company has a crew of very smart (you can tell because they wear glasses) title examiners who scour public records and title plants to learn the history of a property’s ownership. If they find any title defects, we will work with you to cure and mitigate the issues.


An Escrow Officer is like a wedding planner for your real estate transactions. They know purchasing real estate is one of the biggest days of your life, and they work to make closing day as seamless and enjoyable as possible. (And yes, they have Kleenex if you cry.)  This means they do everything from coordinating lending requirements to satisfying terms of purchase agreements and recording deeds. 

Our Escrow Officers provide premiere service throughout the closing process. They’re known for going above and beyond to meet your needs. Our goal at every closing is for customers to walk away with a better understanding all of the papers they signed, and to feel confident that their claim to title is secure. 

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