Triple Feature! Live from the Santa Fe Performance Exchange - Part 2

Catfish Hodge, Jaime Michaels and Vince Bell

"Catfish on stage is like a twelve gauge shot gun of emotion going off!" - Rolling Stone Magazine. Bob "Catfish" Hodge has been called an "American folk blues hero" and has been a mainstay on the American Blues music scene for nearly four decades. He has twenty five albums to his credit, comprised almost totally of original material.

Jaime Michaels songs combine romance, longing, catchy tunes, lovely melodies, blues . . . and twists in perspectives, all wrapped in finely crafted stanza.

Legendary Texas Songwriter Vince Bell plays a little rock #39;n' roll, a little folk, a little country, some blues and jazz, some singer-songwriter . . all together makes it Vince Bell music.