Violet Crown Cinema | Reopening with RSVP Cinema
Exterior of Violet Crown Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico

We just got an exciting notice from our friends at Violet Crown Cinema, with news about their new RSVP Cinema program and OrderMore text-based food and beverage ordering service. We even hear that sourdough pizza is on the menu! Here’s what they have to say:

RSVP Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema welcomes movie fans back to the Santa Fe Railyard on March 19 with “RSVP Cinema,” a new program allowing patrons to rent a private theater and enjoy a new release or classic film on the big screen with family and friends in a safe and comfortable environment. RSVP Cinema is part of Violet Crown’s phased re-opening plan. Traditional “public screenings” will be added in the next phase. 

Unlike the traditional cinema experience, showtimes for RSVP Cinema are not connected to a specific movie. Instead, customers choose the day and time most convenient for them, and then select a movie from a library containing more than 100 films, both current releases and classics. Private theater rentals range from $50 to $100 — depending on the time of day – plus the price of the ticket. Once the screening is confirmed online, Violet Crown will email a link for guests to purchase individual tickets. Film showtimes are staggered to ensure minimal contact among groups visiting the cinema. 

In addition to new film releases, Violet Crown is pleased to announce its new JukeBox Cinema program, allowing Violet Crown guests to choose from more than 100 classic Art, Independent and Hollywood films, including Bong Joon Ho’s “Mother,” the Coen brothers “Fargo,” the Talking Heads concert documentary “Stop Making Sense,” and the first four films in the “Rocky” franchise, among many others. 

OrderMore . . . pizza!

Violet Crown is also introducing “OrderMore,” a new text-based ordering system allowing guests to order food and beverage without leaving the comfort of their private auditorium. OrderMore is easy to use. Guests start an OrderMore tab with a Violet Crown staff member prior to the show. Without leaving their seat, patrons text food and drink orders, which are then delivered directly to the auditorium. 

Keeping with this spirit of familiar reinvention, Violet Crown is also pleased to provide a new menu for its guests, filled with riffs on classics such as Crown Fries alongside new offerings like scratch made sourdough pizza. 

“Our revamped menu reflects the lion’s share of our mission: Fantastic film paired with fantastic food,” said General Manager Peter Grendle. “Also, selfishly, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed developing it in anticipation of this day.” 

Increased safety measures

Since closing on March 17, 2020, due to COVID-19, Violet Crown has been busy preparing to welcome its customers back. In addition to sprucing up the facility — with fresh paint and deep cleans and new artwork — the cinema has renewed its commitment to health and safety, establishing new protocols and procedures in its efforts to keep staff and guests safe. These include using professional-grade electrostatic sanitizer sprayers to disinfect theaters between screenings, equipping all HVAC systems with ionization air purifying systems that have been shown to inactivate pathogens, and reprogramming the HVAC systems to increase fresh air intake, ensuring less air is being recycled into the auditoriums. While at Violet Crown, all guests are required to wear masks in public areas but are free to make their own social distancing and mask rules inside the privacy of their auditorium, Violet Crown staff wear masks at all times. 

More information about Violet Crown’s new health and safety procedures are online, along with reservations, at 

Violet Crown customers who purchase a movie ticket may have their parking tickets validated at the cinema and receive up to four hours of free parking in The Railyard parking garage, located adjacent to the cinema. Garage entrance is located on Camino de la Familia Street. 

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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