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Exterior of Violet Crown Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ready to go to the movies? Violet Crown Santa Fe announced on May 4, 2021, its re-opening to the general public on Friday, May 7. Due to COVID-19, it has been more than one year since Violet Crown offered film screenings to the general public, and its announcement today brings a sense of normalcy and optimism that movie theaters have returned.

“There is something unique and special about sitting in a darkened theater with a group of people and experiencing a film on the big screen. It is something that can’t be replicated at home,” said Violet Crown owner, Bill Banowsky. “We are excited to bring the magic of cinema back to Santa Fe.”

“We are so very excited to re-open to the public after being closed for more than a year,” said Bill. “Our team is ready to go. We have been busy during the past year. Our facility has never been in better shape, our managers and staff never more eager to get to work, and our food and beverage program never before at the level it is now.”

New release films available at Violet Crown include: Guy Ritchie’s action thriller “Wrath of Man” starring Jason Statham; anime action adventure “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train,” currently number one at the box office; the video game-inspired “Mortal Kombat;” 2021 Sundance documentary “Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street;” Best Picture Oscar winner “Nomadland;” and “News of the World” starring Tom Hanks, who frequented Violet Crown while in Santa Fe shooting this film.

Violet Crown will continue offering private rentals as part of its RSVP Cinema program. In addition to new releases, guests of RSVP Cinema may also choose from Violet Crown’s popular JukeBox Cinema, featuring a collection of more than 100 classic art, independent, and Hollywood films. Violet Crown’s popular food and beverage program returns, featuring more than 30 beers and wine on tap, along with a pizza program built around Violet Crown’s new homemade sourdough pizza crust, gluten-free options are also available.

“During our time off, we developed a great artisan pizza, the second best pizza in Santa Fe, second only to Ben Crosky’s Tender Fire pizza,” Bill said. “It was, after all, Ben who worked with us — and continues to — to develop our spectacular pizza recipes, including a new homemade sourdough crust and a homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, taking our pizzas to another level. Our pizza was very good before we closed. It is now truly outstanding.”

New protocols and procedures developed during the COVID-19 pandemic remain in place for the safety of staff and guests. Masks are required in all public spaces except when eating or drinking. To ensure social distancing, each auditorium’s maximum capacity is capped at 33 percent, and a single seat will be blocked between parties.

Bill adds, “Our cinema has never been a safer place to be. We have made many improvements to our sanitary and safety protocols. In the past, we did light cleaning between each show, and at the end of the night we brought in an outside janitorial company to do a deeper clean. Now, we allow more time between shows and we do a deep clean between every show, a much deeper clean than ever before. We have acquired the finest cleaning equipment available, including electrostatic cleaners with which we spray every seat between every show with an anti-COVID disinfectant. This is the same equipment that airlines now use to keep their planes safe and clean. Between every show, one of our cleaning crew sprays down each seat with a liquid disinfectant, and then we wait 10 minutes for the liquid to dry, then we wipe off the residue and we have a clearer seat than ever before. Our seats are as cleaned in this fashion before every show.”

To purchase tickets and to learn more about Violet Crown’s health and safety procedures, please visit Violet Crown’s website at

Violet Crown customers will receive up to four hours of free parking in the Santa Fe Railyard parking garage located on Camino de la Familia Street.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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