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Vivo contemporary is another contemporary gallery in Santa Fe, NM you’ll come across. Its visitors have laid praise on the works on display, giving special mention to the gallery’s adventurous nature and stylish presentation. The gallery is built on an elegant edifice featuring two levels. It is loved by collectors and visitors alike.  

Vivo contemporary enjoys supporting its artists, following them throughout their creative journey to the fruit it bears. Works you will see are medium range painting and printmaking, and paper sculptures hand made with materials you find in New Mexico, from kiln glass to book arts to assemblage, collages and sculptures. Vivo hopes to give you something you haven’t seen before, and with them you’ll see strange works, out of the ordinary.  

The gallery itself is located on the historic canyon road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The gallery features an annual collaborative work between artists and poets who have won awards for their work, also from New Mexico. The result is a unique opportunity to give voice to the work they see. These works are published for those interested in them. Vivo holds exhibitions for its artists; you can check out whats on display on their website.

About the artists of this contemporary gallery in Santa Fe, NM:

Warren Keating

Warren Keating definitely stands out for his paintings of people based on overhead angles. He uses thick paints and plays with light and color that only oils on canvas allows.  He has picked up some popularity for his work and has gained renown around the world through the internet, and through shows he has been invited to. The artist has drawn significant media attention and is represented by Vivo contemporary in Santa Fe. Keating was born in New Orleans in 1965, his current work is a culmination of over 25 years of work.

Garry Oakley

Another artist Vivo represents is Gary Oakley. Gary is inspired by the colors of New Mexico, the natural scenery, clouds in the sky, and the colors he witnesses to produce works of simplicity and magic mesmerizing the senses. His collectors lay praise on him as well describing his work as spiritual and energetic. He uses unorthodox tools for the job and paints in the same manner too. Vivo contemporary describes his painting technique as a fencer, using a lot of physical energy to produce jives and jibs that produce his work.

Barrie Brown

One artist using Kiln-fired glass for her works is Barrie Brown. Her work involves natural vistas. Her work is shadowed, textured and fluid, creating inspired mosaics from kiln-fired glass. The glass is a wonder to work with, creating floating images for unlimited exploration. Each panel is made from four or five separate layers of glass sheets. The composition is made one layer after another with finely crushed glass. The glass is crushed to a powder. There is no paint involved. The image is composed with a variety of tools, including paint brushes, lithographer tools and stencils. The process is interesting, so do check out the website. Check the website for the various artist profiles to see their work on display, including other artist biographies that may spark your interest in this genre of art.

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