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What rebates can I get by conserving water in Santa Fe?

The city of Santa Fe offers rebates when you invest in water-efficient appliances indoors or water-saving outdoor equipment. With these incentives, you save money on water usage and get some money back for your investment.

What rebates are available for indoor appliances?

Residential customers can get rebates by replacing old appliances with new ones. These rebates are good on items like clothes washers, toilets, and dishwashers. Not all replacement appliances are eligible for rebates. When replacing a toilet, look for the WaterSense label. If you’re thinking of replacing a clothes washer, look for EnergyStar-certified models or CEE Tier II or III models.

What rebates are available for outdoor equipment?

You can get rebates for outdoor equipment like rainwater catchment containers and irrigation equipment, and for installing a laundry-to-landscape gray water system. To qualify, the equipment must be new equipment or new installations.

How much is the rebate?

When replacing existing toilets with WaterSense-labeled toilets, you can get $57 for a 1.28 gallon per flush (gph) appliance or $128 for a 0.88 gph toilet. Clothes washer rebates can net you $236 for EnergyStar models or $285 for CEE Tier II or II models. You’ll receive $36 when you replace a dishwasher.

Rebates for outdoor equipment depend on the type of equipment. For outdoor watering equipment, here are the rebate values:

rain sensor for sprinklers

  • Rain sensor – $40
  • Soil moisture sensor – $75
  • For a WaterSense labeled ET controller, you can get up to $400 of the cost of a controller for up to 12 stations, and for more than 12 stations, the rebate is up to $750 of the cost of the controller.

The rebate for a laundry-to-landscape gray water system is $175 if it supplies no more than 250 gallons of gray water per day, and it does not include storage or treatment.


You can get rebates for small-volume rainwater catchment systems, or rain barrels, if they have an overflow, a secure lid for safety, and a water

access tap. Residential customers are eligible for rebates for a maximum of four rain barrels per household. Rebate values for rain barrels are:

    • $12 for a 50-to-99-gallon container
    • $25 for a 100-to-199-gallon container
    • $50 for a 200-to-499-gallon container

The rebate for large-volume rainwater catchment systems, or cisterns, is $0.25 per gallon. The rebate for additional cisterns that handle two inches of rain from your roof is $0.125 per gallon.


How do you collect the rebate?

To get your rebate, go to the application website and complete the form. To apply, you must be a City of Santa Fe water customer with an account in your name at the address where the appliance or fixture is located. Remember to attach your receipts and submit your application within six months of the purchase date. It might take 60 – 90 days to get your rebate which will be applied to your City of Santa Fe utility bill.

Rain Collection system is one way you can earn rebates from the City of Santa Fe.


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