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Coronavirus is here and it’s going to be an adjustment while everyone adjusts to the new reality of life. It’s pretty safe to say that the way of life around our City Different is going to change for a bit. Take a deep breath, realize the world isn’t ending, and take stock in the good things in life.

It’s also safe to say that your news stream has been pretty nonstop about the spread, symptoms, prevention, and containment of COVID-19. We here at SantaFe.com 100% stand by all the recommendations made by the WHO, CDC, and the New Mexico Department of Public Health, and we encourage you to as well. But we know that there is another element at stake here, the human element. All of this fear, stress, and worry isn’t good for anyone, so take a moment to think about how you are going to get through this without going crazy. Here are a few things we’re going to do:

Turn off the news

Even the best news outlets can stress you out and contribute to your panic. Get educated, but don’t let all the bad news get you down. You can always turn on the radio – SantaFe.com’s parent company owns 6 radio stations: KBAC Radio Free Santa FeOutlaw CountryThe Cat JazzJam’n 94.7ESPN 1400 AM, and a whole host of podcasts.

Get outside

We are supposed to be limiting our human contact, but no one has said anything about limiting our contact with nature! Get some fresh air, exercise, and an overwhelming sense of peace. It’s simple, it’s free, and we know a few trails. The forest can be good medicine.

Drink the good stuff

Let’s take the edge off a bit, shall we? Assuming you can find good booze that hasn’t already been bought all up to be used as sanitizer (80-proof vodka isn’t a safe hand sanitizer, btw), we think this is a glorious place to start. Why not throw back a few, and put some rosé tinted glasses on the world? Not a drinker? Then splurge on that nice coffee, chai or tea.

Practice acts of kindness

We’re all stressed out. Some more than others. When we’re under considerable stress we do crazy things like tailgate slow drivers, yell at people in the Trader Joe’s parking lot or get into fights over toilet paper. If someone is rude to you, let it slide because that person is going through some things.

Support Local Businesses

Local businesses are going to suffer during this whole pandemic. We have lots of friends who work in restaurants, hospitality and other public-facing industries and we are going to continue to support them. Yes, we’re going to order out. No we’re not crazy. Or buy gift certificates to the restaurants with the plan to eat when all this blows over — at least it will keep them in some positive cash flow. Check back on Wednesday to see who is open, who is doing take-out and more.

Don’t stop living your life

Think of this as an opportunity. You won’t be able to go to concerts, galas and other crowded events for awhile, but you now have more time to learn to cook, read that book, make some art or catch up with old friends. Take advantage of this time. Don’t just sit there watching TV.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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