Mayor Javier Gonzales

Not only is he an excellent mayor, but he's good looking, too!


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The City of Santa Fe, Mayor's Office | (505) 955-6590

Javier Gonzales is known for his progressive vision and inclusive style. A lifelong resident of the City Different, his family has deep roots in our city.

Javier attended Pojoaque High School, and earned his BA in Accounting from New Mexico State University. He has two beautiful daughters Cadence and Cameron.

Growing up in Santa Fe shaped Javier into the person he is today. He learned the value of hard work and strong family from his grandparents. He learned the values of respect and diversity from the unique community around him. Javier was the first to go college in his family and graduated from New Mexico State with a degree in accounting, thanks largely to the hard work of his brothers to support the family. He went on to help run the family business at a local radio station.

He served on the Santa Fe County Commission for two terms. In 2001, Javier was recognized for his leadership. It was a great honor when he was elected as the first Hispanic President of the National Association of Counties. As President, he was able to lead a national organization that represents more than 3,000 counties nationwide.

Javier’s experience and success as a leader, in both the public and private sectors, allowed him to reach new levels in his life. Javier currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability for Rosemont Realty, where he oversees the greening of office buildings to make them more energy efficient. He also has now been elected as Mayor of Santa Fe, while maintaining his two other full time jobs; as a devoted father and at Rosemont Realty. He has been active in promoting better education for our youth and currently serves on the Board of Regents for New Mexico State University and has previously served on the Board for Highlands University.

His leadership, drive, and vision has led to a successful two-terms as the Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Through his life experiences, Javier looks forward to moving Santa Fe Forward. He is actively pursuing making Santa Fe the leader in the green economy, diversifying our economy, promoting our youth, making Santa Fe safer for its citizens and to continue to grow this amazing City. He looks forward to serving you as Mayor and to continue this 400 year journey of culture and history.