Santa Fe Star Seer, Elissa Heyman

Sharing psychic insights and horoscopes.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and spiritual healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a featured guest on radio, contributes regularly to print and online publications, and has had a full-time international in-person and telephone practice since 1979.

The person who originally introduced me to counseling and made it seem fascinating was my mother. Her insights would amaze me. When my interest in psychic phenomena developed, my mother told me she always dutifully wrote into her case studies the colors she saw around peoples heads--an aura reader without knowing what it was!

The greatest influence in my life is my metaphysical teacher Eric Teissedre. He was a trance channel and psychic medium whose spirit guides taught  psychic development and spiritual healing.   I studied with Eric from the age of 19 and continued on after I began my own practice in 1979.

My first job as a psychic was on Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review in 1976. My job: reading for whomever wanted some psychic guidance and healing on the road. Bob Dylan and his amazing friends showed me that being wildly creative could make money and work out fabulously. I was very impressed with their magic lifestyle.

My second job was arranged by another magic man, Reverend James of New Orleans. He was a voodoo practitioner and healer who worked out of an amazing “sweet shop”. It was filled with little glass bottles of different colors he had made for his potions, and many other curious and magical objects. When he thought I was ready to work professionally, he set me up  at The Bottom of the Cup Tea Room on Royal Street in New Orleans.

A note from the Star Seer, June 14, 2016:

Dear Friends,

  Tuesday through Friday since last August, the daily guidance feature “Today’s Sun” was posted here, and beautiful as it was to get up in the morning and receive a guidance message in some magical way, my private practice swells considerably for the next five months and I must give it my all. Monday morning as usual, the Psychic Horoscope for the Week podcast will be available on, and a written copy posted on my page. I continue to look forward to bringing you messages from the stars!