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A celebrated holiday tradition in Santa Fe, the Farolito Walk incorporates thousands of flickering votive candles in paper bags, lining historic neighborhood streets and adobe walls on Christmas Eve. The result is a warm inviting glow and a spectacular New Mexico tradition that is hard to resist for evening strollers. This free event takes place on Sunday, December 24, 2023.

The event begins at sundown, with farolitos casting their glow on gardens, courtyards and walls of the century-old buildings lining the street. For those who are not in the know, the word farolito comes from the Spanish, translating out to “little lantern,” and is the preferred term in Santa Fe. Elsewhere, throughout New Mexico, they are referred to simply as luminarias.

For many, this event is a highlight of their holiday season, as it puts them in the “Christmas mood.” The aroma of piñon logs burning, the sounds of carolers and street musicians playing traditional holiday songs, and if you’re lucky, soft snowflakes filling the air with magic, will transform any humbug into a believer, even if for only one night.

Dressing for the weather is recommended, and since the temperatures tend to hover in the frigid zone at Christmastime, the warmer the better. Sensible shoes are a plus, considering many of the streets and pathways are cobbled and uneven. Sometimes they’re downright icy. And, as anybody who has experienced the Farolito Walk will tell you, patience and a festive holiday spirit are also highly recommended.

This event attracts thousands of locals and visitors, so a good rule of thumb is to leave pets and strollers at home, lest they become impediments. Expect large crowds milling about and very slow-moving foot traffic along the streets. Some galleries and restaurants are open during the event, so stopping occasionally to sit next to a roaring fire, or to sip on a hot beverage, are a welcome part of the proceedings.

To find out more about the Santa Fe Farolito Walk, visit the website. You’ll find a lot of information there, aimed at making your evening stroll through one of the oldest traditions in New Mexico an enjoyable occasion, which is exactly what you want on this most transcendent of nights.

Learn how to make your own farolitos here.

Find out where to eat out before or after the farolito walk here!

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