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The Jersey born, New York grown, Nashville based couple, known simply as The Grahams, have carved out new artistic paths with their third record, Kids Like Us, which was producer-legend Richard Swift’s last project before his death in 2018. With stellar songwriting and bold arrangements, the new record is a love letter to the timeless pop albums Alyssa and Doug grew up with, harkening back to a time when Brian Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, The Ronettes and Diana Ross & The Supremes ruled the airwaves.

“Perhaps we started writing this album with a sense of escapism. However, through the process the record helped us let go of the idea that we had to fit in somewhere. We wanted people to know who we are for real,” says Alyssa. “That’s what the record is to me. It’s a shedding of skin.”

Alyssa and Doug have been performing together since they were teenagers growing up in the New Jersey suburbs, sneaking into New York City to hear their favorite bands play. They burst onto the Americana scene in 2013 with their debut, Riverman’s Daughter, which features songs written while traveling the Mississippi River and the Louisiana swamps in search of inspiration.

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